Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogging: keyword searches

Casual Debris has recently surpassed twenty-five thousand page views (though I suspect only three of those people actually read a full article), and I thought in light of this milestone I'll share some of the most interesting searches that brought readers to the site over the past two years.

The most common searches so far have been, in order:

night gallery
tales from the darkside
night gallery paintings
hitchcock anthologies contents

And of course there are the variant spellings, word order and the surprising number of people who can't spell HITCHCOCK, or ANTHOLOGIES, or even CONTENTS. It's a sad world we blog in, my friends.

Yet the most interesting searches are the uncommon ones, and I'm sharing eight word combinations that have directed innocent, unwary web travellers to the mire of Casual Debris.

furniture covered in white sheets

Oddly enough, this and several variations come up regularly, and I doubt my site was helpful to the searcher(s). I'd be curious to know if one person regularly conducts this search, or if it's an actual common search item on various engines. I've conducted the search and Casual Debris appears nowhere near the top of Google's list, so I suspect the searcher(s) are serious about the subject matter, trudging deep through Google's dregs. I'm quite certain that the article they land on is the Tales from the Darkside article featuring episode "Florence Bravo," as I mention that the episode opens up with quite a few, the sheets invoking images of ghosts.

young boy hand job

I can't even begin to wonder which article this one landed on, but clearly another disappointment to the seeker. Someone searching for technique, perhaps, or wanting to help out a young friend?

brent spiner's dick

No comment, but I do mention Brent Spiner who appears in the Tales from the Darkside adaptation of Robert Bloch's "A Case of the Stubborns."

sexy extraterrestrial

Of course I think of Species, and can't imaging many examples on this site. True, a few appear in Tales from the Darkside such as Kim Greist, but I wouldn't ever over-feature that particular aspect of any alien.

rat attack 1974

I'm curious if the person was searching for a particular attack. Curiosity egging me on, I followed suit and found that Google lists my article on James Herbert's The Rats at the top. I couldn't find any particular attacks with my fairly limited searching, though articles ranged from Nova to academic papers. Perhaps the seeker in this case tries adding a few more words to refine the search.

angry demon spirit

Without additional context this search opens vast possibilities. I just hope the seeker found a solution to his/her problem.

conformist society

I'm proud that I could be so socio-politically relevant, but probably disappointed the searcher when s/he landed on my review of the Twilight Zone episode "Evergreen," featuring Evergreen Estates.

sexy redhead with teddy bear

I'm not sure why, but this one cracks me up. I don't think I'd ever open the site up to advertising, but with so many odd sexual hits I wouldn't be surprised if Google insisted the ads be pornographic.

What are the oddest keyword searches bringing people to your site?

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