Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aside: The Fiction Desk 100

An appeal from The Fiction Desk: The Fiction Desk 100

For a review of The Fiction Desk 1: Various authors.
For a review of The Fiction Desk 2: All These Little Worlds.
For a review of The Fiction Desk 3: The Maginot Line.

I am posting an appeal on behalf of The Fiction Desk. I was not asked to do this, and it is certainly a first for Casual Debris, but I feel that the anthologies produced by The Fiction Desk have made it among the strongest journals in 2011/2012, and my personal favourite.

The aim of The Fiction Desk 100 is to acquire a hundred new subscribers over the summer. Editor Rob Redman makes it clear that the journal is not in jeopardy, but that he wishes to publish more frequently, making it a solid quarterly printed on a three-month schedule.

I try to encourage new journals with subscriptions. As a writer I understand the importance of such publications, and it's thanks to these publications that I too was able to sell my first stories. As a reader I also understand the importance of such journals as they often bring strong contemporary fiction to a wider audience. It is often a challenge for strong fiction to find a niche. Newer publications have advantages in offering that niche to more daring work by less recognizable authors as they are not restricted by an established readership, massive subscriptions and advertisers, and so far The Fiction Desk has managed to grant an audience to great quality work.

Visit their site to view their rates and read Redman's appeal. It's not my place to publish rates but I will mention that worldwide shipping is included, which allows someone like myself, living way out here in a place called Canada, to afford the journal and not face bankruptcy due to the exchange rate.

If you do decide to subscribe, please let me know by either commenting or, if you'd rather keep anonymous, sending me an email. Furthermore, let me know of other lesser-known journals I may not be aware of, and I'll try to hunt down a copy.

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